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The Mane Choice

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I’ve been on my healthy hair journey for close to two years now and in the meantime I’ve become a self-proclaimed product junkie. In the beginning like most product junkies I was terribly addicted to trying anything from the Shea Moisture brand and then I began to realize that not only were there other brands out there, but there were BETTER brands!
After searching the web and being a part of the beauty community I stumbled upon The Mane Choice. At the time I only knew of them for their hair growth vitamins but after doing some research on the brand and stalking social media trying to find out more information, I decided to go ahead and make my first purchase.  

This product is the one that started it all for me. I had read claims online that this butter would not only moisturize my hair and leave it nice and soft, but it could also be used on the scalp to stimulate hair growth. When I first received this product the top layer was kind of hard and wasn't very easy to work with, but after I got into the product a little bit it turned into this magical greatness that I just can't get enough of. This product has a citrus smell, and I'm sure it's from the Orange and Grapefruit essential oils used in its mixture. This product is also jam packed with all natural butters (shea, mango, etc), and many oils (coconut, castor, etc). The smell does linger so if you're sensitive to fragrance whether it be artificial or natural you may want to keep that in mind. I use this product as the "C" in the LOC Method. (Liquid, Oil, Cream is the product layering technique that I use to retain the most moisture.) I also use this product on the scalp for head massages and growth stimulation and MAN that was when I became a believer. Trouble areas that I thought to be damaged beyond repair (hereditary issues, tension, chemical use, the list goes on) were restored to life! I mean literally, little baby hairs popping up everywhere!!! At that point I was sold and had to try more from the brand. That led me to purchase this next product.

This product is the TRUTH. Truth as in, I'm already on my second bottle and on my way to order the 3rd, 4th, & 5th!!! Once I saw how my hair responded to the butter I knew I'd made the right choice with the brand and honestly I was satisfied at that point. But then Courtney (owner and founder, but I feel like we're on a first name basis after the way she's changed my life LOL) decided to launch a whole new slew of products and in that bunch was the Growth Oil. Before purchasing I did a little research as usual but since the product was new there wasn't much out there... I then resorted to Instagram comments to see what people thought. It was then that I saw somebody ask "I already use the Doesn't Get Much Butter Than This, and I was wondering if this works the same?" Somebody responded to them simply saying "It's even better." At that point I ran to order this oil and I've been hooked ever since. This oil is also jam packed with amazing all natural ingredients, and it smells very similar to the butter in my opinion. Once again, the smell does linger so if you’re sensitive to fragrance keep that in mind. If you’re looking to grow out your hair, you NEED this oil in your life!

While a lot of Curlies are taking the "No Shampoo" route on their hair journey, I personally still love a good shampoo. I like to alternate between shampooing, co-washing, & applying a clay mask depending on my hair's needs. This shampoo lives up to its name because while it leaves my hair squeaky clean, it also doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped or dry. After using this shampoo my curls are soft, moisturized, & above all they’re still manageable! Once again, the smell on this product is amazing, but doesn't linger. This shampoo is infused with many great ingredients; Biotin and Vitamin E being two of them, and it is also paraben, sulfate, and silicone free.

I rarely use a regular conditioner in my hair because you see the way these curls and kinks are set up.... I need a deep conditioner every time I wash (once a week). Now I'm not saying that this product is bad or even unnecessary because BABY this conditioner left my hair so damn soft and hydrated that when I use it I let it sit a little longer than the recommended time (for peace of mind) and tell myself that I've deep conditioned. This is definitely great on those lazy wash days where I honestly don't feel like going through the wash day motions. The smell is very similar to the shampoo and it doesn't linger. This conditioner is infused with many great ingredients; Biotin and Vitamin E being two of them and it is also paraben, sulfate, and silicone free.

I love a good multipurpose product, and this one surely gets the job done! While I do prefer to use this as a co-wash or detangler and not so much a leave in, I still find this product to be amazing! I can easily finger or brush detangle my hair with this product and it leaves my curls soft and fluffy. When used as a co-wash my hair still feels cleansed, but obviously not as squeaky clean as it would with the shampoo. I use this on weeks where I don't add too much product to my hair and I really just need a good refresher. As far as a detangler goes.... The first thing I like to do on wash day is a "prepoo/detangle session" on my hair. (If you'd like another post on my full hair care regimen, I'd love to post that) I usually add the product to dry hair and with a mixture of oils I detangle and prepare my hair for washing. Now while this product isn't bad as a leave in, I do have other leave ins that leave my hair softer, & moisturized longer. And of course this product smells amazing, but I think that goes without being said now! This multipurpose product is infused with many great ingredients; Biotin and Tea Tree oil being two of them and it is also paraben, sulfate, and silicone free.

I've used quite a few gels in my lifetime, but never one quite like this. The consistency of this gel is more fluid and very hard to explain. The only word that comes to mind when I look at this gel is "goopy." With that being said, I don't see that as a con! I don't care for gels too much in my styling process because while they give you good definition, you can sacrifice the softness or volume of your hair. I personally prefer big fluffy hair over defined hair ANY day! This gel leaves my hair shiny, moisturized, & what it's supposed to be... defined! The only thing I will say about this product is a little goes a long way!!! If you overuse this product, which isn't hard to do, you may end up with some white flakes throughout your bomb twist out and NOBODY wants a flaky head especially right after wash day! Besides that, I find this gel to be a great styling product and it leaves my curls in place until I'm ready to restyle... whether it be mid-week or during my next wash day. Once again... the smell is great and this product gets a thumb up from me.

To be honest I can't form a valid opinion on this product for a couple reasons....Starting with I am not consistent with these pills. The suggested serving size is 2 pills per day and at best I take one pill every other day. My reasoning behind this is because of the amount of Biotin included in these pills. I'm not a scientist, cosmetologist, or a professional so I'll let YOU do your own Biotin research, but from what I've gathered too much Biotin can cause acne if it isn't flushed out of your system with water. I tried taking a Hair Skin & Nails supplement before and babyyyyy that cystic acne... I'll just say I'm still trying to get some of those scars healed. At that point I exchanged comments with the person behind The Mane Choice's Instagram account and they suggested that I start off taking the pills in the manner that I am. With that being said... sometimes I forget, other times I remember. I mostly look at this as a multivitamin instead of a hair growth aid at this point.

All in all, The Mane Choice is a phenomenal brand with a seemingly phenomenal owner and team behind it. Their customer service is very prompt and helpful, and they always let you know that you matter! Currently these products are sold online, and at select beauty supply stores across the country. I’m happy to see this brand growing and I hope to see it up there with the “Shea Moistures” of the beauty world in the near future!!!!

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